X marks the

Born in Brooklyn.

Entry by design

Embelle sits right on the pulse of emerging trends
and urban savvy

This is Brooklyn, where our designs are born and bred before taking flight across the nation.

If our products could talk, they would tell you EXACTLY where they came from. Because they’re proud of it.

You know designer door hardware makes a difference

With 30+ years of manufacturing perfection, so do we.

Our Process

Embelle secrets you’ll want to know


Study patterns to understand what designs people want.
Tell us what YOU want.


Craft unique, on-trend styles using high-quality metals for a luxurious look & feel.

Test &

Perfectionize for simple installation and durability that meets and exceeds ANSI requirements.


Send off to select door manufacturers and retailers across the country.

Our products are tested and proven to exceed ANSI requirements of 1,200,000+ cycles for Grade 1 locks, and 650,000+ cycles for interior residential locks.

Entry by design

You can be
an Embelle dealer