Love at
first latch

Experience the reassuring weight in your hand, the gleam of a perfectly sleek finish, and the satisfying click of a moment of privacy.

Entry by design

Meet Veroa

Sharp, understated, and emanating a quiet confidence, her presence at your entryway is the finesse you're seeking.

2024 Catalog Now Available

Beautiful. It beckons.

Now with proprietary strength inside

A new patented design surpasses commercial locks — even on metal doors

Go ahead, touch.
Feel the luxury.

Top-of-the-world, it's a nice place to be.

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Sense the

Crafted with solid-cast steel and brass construction and treated with multi-coat finish for a perfectly polished look and feel.

How perfectionist
are we?

After over 30 years of manufacturing, we still test every new product on our own design center doors. Then we spend hours fine-tuning your product for ease-of-use and maximum durability.